About us

We are a collective of artists who have come together to make art accessible to everyone. We believe there is a hunger in every home and individual, to experience art at a higher level.


By offering originals as well as prints, we offer art for both the individual, the workplace and the public space.

Who are we?

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Lars Gustaf Andersson


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Bosse Olausson

Executive Director

man, senior, portrait-103041.jpg
Salvador Dali

Marketing Director

How does it work?

We have different artists and different motives. Browse the site and see what fits you. 

All art is available in the following variants:

• Original. This is the original art. How it is produced, and what size is specified.

• 50×70 cm. The art comes printed, made to fit a 50×70 frame with a 40×50 passepartout.

• 40×50 cm. The art comes printed, made to fit a 40×50 frame with a 30×40 passepartout.

When proceeding to the checkout you have the option to pay by card with our partner Klarna.

Prints are printed in highest possible quality, checked and signed by the artist.

The package is shipped in a tube and insuranced – And all shipping is free of charge!

We’ll send you a tracking number so you can follow the package.

You have your frame ready, and can soon enjoy your exclusive art.

By the way, don’t forget to order framing from one of our partners

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