Lars Gustaf Andersson

Lars Gustaf Andersson’s pictures often have a psychological or social content – about urges, behaviors and exclusion. What he tells and starts from are problematizations around identities and his work is often about destabilizing the order by defying the expected. With evocative, simplified, unfinished or complex expressions, he creates his own visual world.


He works with most techniques and his visual world often borders on scenography. It is natural that it is only in his mature age that he gets a credible relationship with what he wants to tell and the source he has of life experiences.


Lars Gustaf Andersson’s artwork touches, often with a personal attitude in the expression. With desire, yearning and longing in contrast to alienation and pain, he refuses everything that can be experienced as adapted and turned on.


Born in a time when modernism’s spirit of the future and development optimism characterized man, Lars Gustaf Andersson began his career in advertising and design in the mid-seventies.

At that time, the outside world was characterized by postmodernist thinking and he then developed a strategy and a belief in the properties, form and competitiveness of products. This made him successful.


Unlike his career in advertising, his artistry has a contradictory position. With fragments taken from his own self, from life’s destinies, feelings and events, he joins them together into new structures and contexts. The contrasts between the rough, the hurt and the fragility create a dynamic in his artistry.


Incidentally, wounds and scars are something that often recur in his work. For each work, he carefully chooses the medium and technique that best visualizes his story.


His opposites are rooted in the belief in the pure, simple and functional. But also the complex that weathers, falls apart and fragments.



In Lars Gustaf’s art you can see traces of advertising, fashion, design and textiles. He runs his art practice in a similar way as he ran the consulting agency, which entailed demands for social contexts, relational aesthetics and fast communication techniques.


His textile background can also be discerned in his artistry. Fabrics from his textile group are, among other things, recurring in many of his works.


Lars Gustaf Andersson was born in 1949 in Borås. For 20 years he ran a successful consulting agency in advertising, marketing communication and design. In 1996, he sold the business and rapidly acquired several long-established textile companies and later became CEO in 1999.


Due to a series of tragic circumstances within the family and the companies, he chose to stop at the age of 50 and reevaluate his life. With two minor children, he chose to begin his artistic career in the fall of 2000. His studies ended in 2005. The debut took place at the Borås Art Museum in 2007.


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